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image 8 Wind Vane iPhone Application

Using your GPS location, Wind Vane uses a custom algorithm to provide accurate, current wind direction and speed. Wind Vane can display the wind speed in miles per hour, knots, or kilometers per hour. This application also has a built in compass so you can see the wind direction relative to true or magnetic North.

Why choose Wind Vane? We set out to make the most accurate wind gauge on the market. We thought about sound algorithms with the microphone but determined weather station and GFS data is more accurate and is trusted throughout the weather community nationwide. In addition, we can display the direction the wind is coming from creating additional value for our clients. After all, what good is speed without direction?

This application will work on an iPhone 3GS and later as it requires a compass. Internet connectivity is needed to display the wind. Non-U.S. data provided by World Weather Online.

*Now available world wide!
*Allows to select between NOAA and GFS data algorithms within the U.S.

Download the Wind Vane iPhone Application

Wind Gauge

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Wondering which direction the wind is coming from and at what speed? This must have iPhone gadget uses a custom wind algorithm to provide you with this information.


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Quickly change to the compass settings and units of measure that you prefer.

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If you have questions, issues or would like to suggest a feature for a future release please contact us.